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Preferred Platinum Builders

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We are now a dealer for over 570 Manufacturers and 80,000 part numbers in stock. Click HERE to see a line card of the companies.
We are happy to tell our customers that we now offer products from all the best names in the industry. Names like B&M, Holley, Ford Racing, and many others. We have gone to a major warehouse company and have become a dealer for over 570 top of the line manufacturers with over 80,000 part numbers IN STOCK and ready to ship. We make it easy for our customers to check for a price on a speed part. Just click the email link to get a price quote. It will open an email to us where you just have to type the part number or product description of the part you want. Send us the email and we will get you a quote for the part shipped to your door with FREE freight in the US48 states. Give us a shot - we will be cheaper than Jegs or Summit and can tell you immediately if the part is available in stock. If you prefer to talk to someone, please call our direct line at 717-469-9676 M-F 9-5 EST. Coming soon - searchable catalogs.



How to price a nostalgia front engine dragster build
WORM INC is proud to offer nostalgia front engine dragsters at a price you can afford. To price your dream build, click on the build sheet link above. It will open an excel sheet that has all the options we offer. Put a "1" in teh desired option and the build sheet totals teh build for you. When you are complete save the build sheet and email it to us.. It is that simple.

Big Block Chevy Front Engine Dragsters -Stainless Headers
We have been working on these for a while and finally have the look and function we want. Our new big block Chevy Zoomie headers are the finest available. We CNC laser the individual flanges making a cleaner less bulky look for our headers and tig weld polished 2 1/4" tubes to the flanges in a fixture to insure they not only work well, but look right. Laid back for that "speed" look, our headers will be the perfect addition to your big block Chvy powered slingshot dragster. Small block Chevy and Ford headers also available. For more in formation email me at

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5th Annual Christmas Eve Dragster Giveaway
And the grand prize winner is Jeff Leeke, from Kentucky.. Merry Christmas Jeff.

Bruce Larson Endorses WORM INC
Top Fuel Funny Car World Champion Bruce Larson has joined us to endorse our products and is so committed that he is having WORM INC build a Tribute Funny Car of his famous USA-1 1968 Camaro. The USA-1 Tribute Funny Car will feature the new  funny car chassis by WORM INC and will have a period looking fiberglass’68 Camaro body – no swoopy Pro Mod car with a big wing and pinched nose here- just "True Nostalgia". This USA-1 Tribute Funny Car will look like the original, but will have an up to date WORM INC 10.1E spec chassis so the car can be run at events across the country. It will feature the correct paint job and decals that Bruce himself will approve of. The USA-1 Tribute Funny Car will be at nostalgia shows across the country and WORM INC is pleased to announce that Bruce Larson will be at the wheel. This will be Bruce’s 45th Anniversary USA-1 Tribute Funny Car Tour and we anticipate he will put on quite a show for the fans. The funny car will be built with all the latest safety equipment making it legal to run at NHRA tracks, and Bruce has kept his license updated and we know he is ready to light the pipes. The proposed 2013 schedule of shows includes the three NHRA Museum shows – Bowling Green, KY; Epping NH; and Bakersfield, CA; Funny Car Reunion in Englishtown, NJ; and US30 Reunion at Beaver Springs, PA. We also are looking to debut the USA-1 Tribute Funny Car at the Gator Nationals in Florida in March and show it at a few NHRA events throughout the year. To follow the build and check out the car go to

Preferred Platinum Builders Network
You asked for it - you got it.. For the last couple of years customers have been asking us where they can get work done locally on their dragsters. From tig welding to wiring, painting to final assemble, customers sometimes need a helping hand to finish their diggers. Not everyone tig welds or lays down a perfect base coat clear coat metal flake job - so we went out and found th builders who do. We contacted hundreds of hotrod, custom, musclecar and classic truck builders all across the USA and Canada to come on board our Preferred Platinum Builder Network. We sifted through all the responses and started locking in some of the best shops in the country. More shops will be added weekly as they go through our interview process. Our goal is to have a Preferred Platinum Builder within 250 miles of any customers we have in the USA or Canada.

We are dedicating a page to the Preferred Platinum Builders and will have it updated on a regular basis. You are able to look through our nationwide network of builders to help you finish your project. You will also be able to go and visit their shops BEFORE you order a chassis kit or body and talk to them about the build. Some of the builders will even stock a chassis for you to go and try out to see how it fits. This is a huge undertaking to build a network of Preferred Platinum Builders but we know it will be well worth the effort. We will have representation nationwide and will help our customers hook up with the best, most knowledgable shops in their area. Stay tuned and click the link above to see our Preferred Platinum Builders.

If you are a hotrod, custom, musclecar or classic truck builder and want to be a member of our network of builders - click here to email us.

Our Frames Are STRONG !
We just got back from Maple Groves 50th anniversary show. Ran the new A-Fuel car and the car went vertical at the hit of the throttle. For photos click here.

New Engine Program
We are proud to announce our new engine program. We have attained a dealership for Dart Machinery - the leader of aftermarket blocks and heads. Dart also sells short block assembles as well as head kits and we have also attained dealerships for Comp Cams, Canton Oil Pans, Melling Oil Pumps, Edelbrock, Skat, Felpro, and a whole host of engine parts manufacturers. These dealerships will give us the ability to offer our own turn key engines for our dragster kits. Email us any questions you may have.

Back from National Hot Rod Reunion
We are finally back from Bowling Green - man what a blast. Saw alot of old friends and met a bunch of new and had a great time in spite of the rain. We delivered 3 chassis kits to their new owners including the giveaway chassis to Ryan Miller. We took the new blown alcohol dragster to debut, and it was really well received. Ran a low of 8.12 at almost 170 mph in eliminations and still have it tuned really rich. Car should be in mid 7s with some minor tweeks. To see a video of one of the Bowling Green passes CLICK HERE.

Why we build SlingShotDragsters?
Whether talking to customers on the phone, via email, or at the shows nationwide - we are always asked the same thing. WHY?
Why do we build front engine cars? Why do we race them? Why not a door slammer? Why? I''ll tell you why. A guy met me at a show a few years back and asked about the dragsters. We could have went over all the great features of our diggers: Period looking but still techs, Heavier wall thickness for easy welding and superior strength, One piece main hoops from engine plate back, CAD Designed chassis and brackets, 22" Cage for even the big guys like me... etc. etc....

Funny thing is we talked about the thrill. The rush of driving. The state of mind.. that's what we are selling. We strap ourselves in these cars and fire the engine only to be hit with sensations not found anywhere else. From the motors sound to the raw unburnt fuel belching back toward you out of the pipes.. to the feel...  That body shaking, chassis vibrating, eye quivering feeling is second to none. That's just the start up. When you roll through the water and gag the throttle... man is it cool. The motor spits back fuel at you out of the headers, the tires grow in size right beside your helmet and the car has a sexy way of sashaying around as the tires bark when they come to grip the pavement. Then the run... You enter the beams and light the bulbs and..BLAP !! You mash the throttle, the front comes up and carries the wheels 30-40 ft and they set down in place as you pass the 60 ft cones... the car pulls harder and harder as you pass mid track and you are pressed firmly back in the seat. All to soon you have to reach for the chute handle and press it forward to release the laundry - pushing you now forward against the belts. Fuel off, touch the brakes, and roll out off the track onto the return road. As your digger comes to stop, you reflect on the run. How hard did it leave? Did it keep pulling through the whole run? How fast was it? Most of the time when I run my car I sit in the car for a minute or two after the run and just take it in. Not worried if I won or not, didn't stand on my brakes to win.. Just went out there and had the time of my life. BTW - that guy mentioned earlier became a dragster customer and more importantly a friend of mine. He caught the disease... and man is it infectious!!

That's why we build SlingShotDragsters.

Parts Dept is up and running
Just wanted to let everyone know the parts dept link above is now online with a new shopping cart installed for your convenience. With just 4 clicks you can purchase parts for you dragster project and pay using paypals secure website.

California HotRod Reunion Road trip 2011
We had a great time at CHRR. The trip is 2662 miles each way, and well worth it. We delivered 6 chassis on the way out and back and lived up to our slogan of "Making customers smile - one chassis at a time !" We met allot of really cool people and had tons of them sit in our cars at the show. We debuted our Competition Coupe/Sedan body and it was a huge success. We are committed to being the number 1 supplier of vintage looking front engine dragster chassis and parts. You can also check out photos of our CHRR trip on facebook by clicking here.

25 Years
Last year we celebrated our 25th anniversary of business. We started out in 1986 building hot rod chassis and fiberglass bodies and realized our dream when we were able to build nostalgia front engine dragsters for a living. With over two dozen front engine cars produced last year alone, we have become the leader in front engine dragster chassis kits and components. We specialize in low slung, straight axle diggers with vintage looks and SFI compliant chassis. We love wire spoke front wheels, blowers and Hilborn stack injected motors. We also build vintage looking bodies for our dragsters and are the number one source for parts to complete your build. From transmissions to rearends, slicks to spindles and steering boxes - we got you covered. If we don't make it , we are a dealer for it, and offer products from some of the best like Mickey Thompson Slicks, Hayden Wheels, Moser Rears, Stiletto Steering Boxes and Spindles, JW Transmissions, and many others. We will not be beat on prices and service.

Customer Showcase
Our goal is simple - we want to bring back the glory days of drag racing. With over 2 dozen chassis kits a year produced, it is easy to see that in the next few years you will see over 100 new nostalgia dragsters at the tracks. Certified chassis with old school looks running at a track near you. We are blessed to have a great customer base who are loyal and love vintage dragsters as much as we do. Our customers are our best sales people and would love to show you their dragster builds. The Customers Cars link at the top of the page is a showcase of dragsters that our customers are building or have completed. Email us if you would like us to have one of our customers show you their dragster in person so we can set it up.

Chassis Kits
When you go to our chassis kits page you will see photos of our dragster and specs to show you the most complete nostalgia dragster kits available. Our base model is for running 7.50 et or slower and we also have options for 6.0-7.49 and even Nostalgia Top Fuel. The Build Sheet link at the top of the page allows you to download an Excel spread sheet with all the options available and price your own digger. After selecting the options, make sure to save the file and email it to us to see if we can give you a package deal discount to save you even more money.

Did you ever want to drive a nostalgia slingshot dragster - but didn't know if it was for you?
Two years ago we came up with the idea of getting more people involved in the hobby of driving a SlingShot Dragster. From the sensation of a motor in front of you, open cockpit, to the tires spinning beside you - there is no other rush like it. We wanted more racers to experience the thrill of racing a digger. We manufacturer and sell SlingShot Dragster Chassis kits and are using this demo car as a way of letting a prospective customer see if he or she likes the front engine dragster format BEFORE they commit to the purchase. If the driver does decide to purchase a chassis kit they will receive a $200.00 credit toward the chassis after completing the driver school. Plans are for drivers to show up on their scheduled day with an approved helmet and driver suit. (We do not provide driving suits or helmets to keep cost down). Drivers will be limited to five drivers for the day. See our new DriveaDragster by clicking the link above.

Show Schedule
Make sure you check out our show schedule above. We travel nationwide to most the major nostalgia drag racing events and take our show trailer and display cars. This year we will again be at NHRR in Bowling Green, Indy US Nationals, CHRR in Bakersfield as well as a dozen other events nationwide. Stop by and check out our dragsters at an event near you.

We want to give a big thank you to all our customers. Without them, we would not be here. Our customers are the greatest and we are very blessed to have had their support over the years. We also want to thank the tracks nationwide who promote the nostalgia races. Without their events, we all would not have a place to go to race and show off our rides.

Stop back again to our website as we are always updating it. If you want to come by the shop for a shop tour, be sure to contact us in advance so we can set aside time to show you around



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